Jumbish provides Curated Experiences through creative pursuits


What represents art? Is it just the colors of a Renaissance maestro’s palette, the musical notes of a renown pianist or the steps of the latest dance number in town? Could it be that a kid’s brush strokes on a flower pot, tribal folk-dances and avant-garde music styles also come under art? Yes, of course! Art is all around us, be it in the antics of a bartender, subtle voice modulations of a storyteller, intricate make-up of Kathakali, or the sheer variety of tones in Jal Tarang. Afterall, we see tangible (and intangible!) creative thought in all this. But it’s not just thought. Art has the mysterious power to heal and harmonize. This therapeutic potential actually multiplies when different art forms combine. Why focus on just one artform, when we can blend various forms of art and make it fantARTistic! Such colloids and combinations introduce an Atrangi-ness. A lion is majestic, just as a tiger is elegant. Then there’s the alluring and mysterious liger… which one fascinates you more?

Being a Catalyst

A catalyst speeds up a process. In a reaction, catalysts do not pick and choose the reactants; participants in a reaction are reactants. Same way, we are wary of the term “budding artist.” We believe practicing art makes you an artist.
Jumbish is an Urdu word suggesting vibration or movement

Vibration of a guitar string, movement of a paintbrush, motion of shadows in a puppet show and the ghungroo on a dance stage. It symbolizes even the rise and fall of leaves in the wind, the growth of Artisans moving towards a collective, and ultimately the movement towards “Being”!!

Recognition and encouragement is icing on the cake. That is what Jumbish is for. At Jumbish, we encourage and nurture the diversity of art through a self-sustaining eco-system with artisans, endorsers, mentors, art consumers and people from all walks of life. We are a catalyst for the growth of art and artists and artisans.

  • Nurture combinations of artforms such as mural art & literature, pottery & dance, cooking & kalamkari, music & bartending etc. We love fusions.

  • Provide encouragement, publicity and sales through a unique platform for all sorts of artists. In fact, we help sell the process of creating art.

  • everyone from suit-boot saabs to kitaabi-keedas , fashionistas to adarsh balaks, school students to concerned parents, science nerds to hunky jocks, reclaiming and celebrating art, making it an avenue to come together.

  • Popularize the therapeutic value of art and alternate therapies. Healing and artforms go together, more than you might think.

Lab Gurus

Gurus who keep sharing their wisdom and guidance for the Alchemists.


Those who believed JUMBISH and contributed with their passion!

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