Chief Believer Marketing & Graffiti Artist

The youngest brain at Jumbish, Kartikey is a self-made graffiti artist who got his calling while pursuing his Engineering degree at Symbiosis University. Mr. Stoned Eyes here is a strong believer in having no box to “think out of.” He revels in innovation. His talent has ensured that his art be immortal on the walls of many streets, hospitals, pubs, cafes and dance institutes. A charming and yet humble and loving human being, he worships originality in both art and life. During his quests for such original thoughts, he doodles on anything he gets his hands on, be it a diary or a napkin. He also perpetually ignores matching his footwear with his attire and washing his car. Kartikey hopes to bring art to the public through Jumbish and thereby not let it be limited to only the art lovers.