Chief Operations Officer (COO) & Watercolorist

Before embodying the artistic way of life, Rahul worked at Sales, Marketing and Operations at various industries. But the creative spirit is rarely satisfied unless it reaches its full potential, don’t you think? Currently a prominent water-color artist, Rahul always believed in facilitating the passion of art, be it in himself or others. He wanted to create art, but also wanted to create artists. To achieve this, he founded “RahulOnkon” an art-house, where people from any generation can learn the fun of art, starting from the basics. An Alvaro Castagnet fan, Rahul believes art can break barriers and that people can overcome their inhibitions through art. He gives live painting performances, having once completed a Tagore portrait in 8 mins, during the eve of the 154th Birthday of the Nobel Laureate, at Pune University. Be it any event, he replants its theme on to his canvas. Rahul also loves to pen down poetry inspired by natural imagery, trips to Kerala and the tenets of Swami Vivekananda.