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Art an Investment

As an art lover, we cater to the needs of every die-hard art fans. We help you to invest securely in the paintings using technology.
We provide you with

Authenticated art Confirm the artwork’s unique identity with an adhesive, tamper-evident, NFC-enabled Certificate of Authenticity (JDAT) that timestamps and writes its data to a secure, blockchain-powered database.

Manage Your Assets
Trace the history and provenance of an artwork’s ownership through a secure, aggregated record of provenance. Improve collection management and oversight by directly connecting to your artwork.

Invest with us


Artists from around the world are associated with Jumbish and you can pick and invest in your favourite art from our “shop”. All paintings are authenticated using JDAT (Jumbish Digital Authentication Tag).

Customized painting

If you would like a customized piece of art, our artists are skilled to match your style and choice.

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Sculptures and Installations

Jumbish is known to produce high-quality commissioned sculptures and installations. Artists at Jumbish are equipped to construct artwork of any scale to adhere to your requirements.

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Wall Painting

May it be wall art at your office or a large graffiti at your bar! We provide you with a wide range of design options and ideas and high-quality execution of the same.

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The value of art increases with time but to keep art in it’s the best condition can be a bit of a task. Jumbish provides you with restoration services to keep your precious pieces away from any impairment.

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Transforming Spaces

We can also help you to transform your space right from your home to your office or any other space that is near to your heart. Our team of experts will cater to all your needs in no time.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Every organization wants to give back to the society, but how?  Jumbish takes care of your Corporate Social Responsibilities at any scale you like.

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