Artist of the month — Bijay Biswaal

Artist of the month — Bijay Biswaal

“See your reality as a life that has many tracks or potentials that you call the ‘future’”– Lee Caroll

A train came to a halt at a railway station near Bilaspur. Two Sadhus walking around, a mother pulling her child to the train were sketched on a rough paper and were translated onto a bigger canvas at home. Thus began the most amazing artistic journey of Artist Bijay Biswaal.

It is a real challenge to pursue art with hectic work schedules. However, Bijay Biswaal had the capability to change his occupational hazard of extensive travelling into a boon. He transformed his perspective towards his job and started carrying his painting kit to work. He found his muse in his travels and created magic on canvas.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end.” — Ernst Hemingway

Coming from a small village of Pallahara, Angul district of Orissa, to being a railway employee at Nagpur and now an Internationally acclaimed artist, he has come a long way, literally and figuratively. He kept the latent passion towards art burning, through his childhood to his adult life. He accepted his job as a railway ticket collector with an open mind and heart and didn’t let it tarnish his feelings towards art.

Most people are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, I was probably born with a paint brush.” — Bijay Biswaal

All his paintings depict that art flows through his veins like blood. The amazing combination of blue and gray and the multitudes of mediums used by him, is a testament towards his mastery over his art. He has breathed life in the landscapes of rustic India through his paintings. His paintings have channelised the metamorphosis of the ‘landscapes’. Instead of European backdrops which are synonymous to the term landscape, he has brought the rural as well as cityscapes India into the limelight.

One can smell the petrichor from his paintings, as majority of them have the rain soaked platforms as their main theme. His signature style of using the platforms as an ingenuity has earned him a lot of recognition. He adds, “Railways were not just way of earning my bread and butter, but they were my muse as well. Since childhood, I was an aquatic person having affinity to water.”

He reached his highest point of elation when he was called ‘Karma Yogi’ by the Honourable Prime Minister , Mr. Narendra Modi in the feature ‘Mann ki Baat’. Some of his paintings feature Gandhiji, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Actors Rajnikanth, Raj Kapoor and Nargis.

He has taken VRS from his work and is now fully focusing on his art. He has a plethora of National and International accolades to his credit. The esteemed National award, a special citation for the contribution in the field of art at Dharwad, Karnataka, International Cartoon Contest, Raja Ravi Verma award, IWS Turkey, Asian Art Summit, India Art Festival, Camlin All India art contest, Art Society of India are some of the prestigious honours bestowed on him.

He has a huge fan following on social media and a lot of his paintings are viral. All his paintings have a cheerful quintessence and they truly reflect his personality. He says, “I am basically a really happy go lucky person. My wife has supported me in my journey and that has added to my happiness. I always believe that a painting should exude positive vibes.” He truly is a charismatic personality, self taught, detail oriented and completely in love with art!

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