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Anna Massinissa

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Anna Massinissa

Industrial and graphics designer, marketing and communications consultant, creative. In 2006 she founded the InArte Organization. For InArte, she planned and directed a large number of events dedicated to international contemporary Art and watercolor painting. Together with the City of Fabriano in 2010 she started the FabrianoinAcquarello convention and in 2016 after a long planning activity held in partnership with 60 art communities in the world, she started the first International Watercolor Museum in the world. The Museum collection counts at present 800 watercolors from 80 countries. As an art director she prefers to work on events in connection with human cultures or with “relational Art” situations to be used as a means of enhancing art applications, discovery of personal identity and culture. Her artistic activity she does with the purpose of research and it is the door to enhance the world of paper, of contemporary art and watercolor paintings, joining together innovations, traditional techniques and conceptual.

She was member of the Museum System board of the Ancona Province and of the Turistic organization of the mountain area in Italy Marche Region.

Solo Exhibitions :

  • 2018Year   :Samtan Art Museum Morden Invited Exhibition
  • 2017 Year  : Guilin HUAQIAO  Museum Invited Exhibition
  • 2017 Year  : Shanghai DE HEART CENTER Invited Exhibition   :Shanghai FOR ART GALLERY Invited Exhibition
  • 2016 Year  : Shanghai MANABE Invited Exhibition

Private Exhibitions :  25 of times


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