Bibhas Banerjee

Bibhas Banerjee

Chief Believer Sales

Bibhas Banerjee now an entrepreneur and consultant, was born in a middle class family and had a conventional education. After his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya, khamaria Jabalpur, he pursued his graduation in Science.


1998 – 2000

Consultancy to Real Estate and Insurance in improving quality onSales and customer relationship

2016 Till Date

Consultant to Green Malland
Karmyag Greens.

2013 Till Date

Director of AMBI Medifarm

2009 – 2013

Roche Diagnostics RSM

2005 – 2008


2000 – 2005

Roche Diagnostics RSM


1998 – 2000


Now he already had an eye on the fast changing and growing market. That drew his attention to pursue management in Sales and Marketing. He did his MBA from a prestigious institute in Delhi and got his first job through campus placement. Starting his professional journey with Hindustan Unilever, just after 5 years he started looking after a region in PepsiCo. After his long journey in Sales across different regions in India working with multinational organisations, he acquired skills, network and acumen to start his own venture.

Now he is an accomplished entrepreneur with a firm of his own and is associated as a consultant to few prestigious institutions in the country. The joy to give more to society and contribute to make people’s life happy and healthy has been his recent focus. This has brought him close to Jumbish which is also a company of his childhood friend schooled together. The saga continues…