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Art Forgery in India

Have you ever wondered what makes artwork special?Is it the work or the person who made it?The fact is every artwork is an unparalleled expression of an individual creative talent and a result of a precise personal, historical, and cultural context.  Since time immemorial, art has been of the most remunerative profession across the globe.

Artist are Entrepreneur

At first, entrepreneurs and artists seem like they would occupy opposite ends of the personality spectrum. You may think of entrepreneurs as type-A, outgoing opportunity-seekers while artists are sensitive, dreamy introverts. However, those who choose to pursue an artistic or entrepreneurial career tend to actually possess many of the same personality traits, meaning that the

World Emoji Day!

World Emoji Day! In this dominating world of social media, emojis are the torch bearers for the portrayal of emotions. These emojis help people convey so many emotions through these yellow masks. With the phones becoming smarter, emotional conflicts and turbulence are widely prevalent, but the emoji services help to maintain harmony. Thus, these golden