De-Arts Place, a subsidiary of Softmark Ventures Limited which was registered in 1993 with a very humble beginning. Its evolution was predicted on the vision and passion of Sola Oladmakinde the CEO, a self-developed Artist, a Curator and Art entrepreneur.

Over the years, we have evolved strategies like organizing group and solo exhibitions within and outside Nigeria. We have made tremendous impact in private homes, corporate and government institutions. Our services in general, has significantly added value to the Art audience both in the interior and exterior spectrum. 

Going by our vision to develop potentials, we have demonstrated this through our art training program tagged “Heart for Arts”, this concepts was instituted in 2009 to develop children, Youth, Women and even Retirees, to empower them for maximum productivity. We open our gallery to schools at different levels, for research works and excursion. Similarly, we have partner with government agencies both at Local, State and Federal levels to highlight their corporate social responsibility in the interest of the public. Religious and Cultural organizations are not left behind, as we promote and preach religious tolerance through technical collaborations and visual expressions. 

DeArts Place was cospiquosly visible at last Indian Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. Of a truth, we are organization to beat in art promotion despite the challenges of doing business in our environment. 

In conclusion, we are poised to continue to give the art audience, especially our clients and prospective clients the best of professional service and partnership to meet their aspirations. 


To engage our passion for creativity, aesthetic value and deepening our cultural heritage.

To discover talents, develop and deploy them strategically and systematically.

To promote professionalism through the Provision of platforms in order to create wealth for both contemporary and emerging Artist.