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World Art Day

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Jumbish has celebrated World Art Day on 15th April 2017 as one of the biggest artist meet in Pune.

This is an event meant for every artist (Visual, Performing or Performance art) and Connoisseurs (Art lovers, Curators, art collectors, event Mgmt org, Production houses, Art directors, Art cafes & Restaurants, etc.).

At Jumbish, we care for your personal and professional well being and hence have planned sessions such as
– future security,
– managing the financial conditions ,
– protecting your artwork with copyright laws,
– branding & marketing

Panel Members

CS. Adv. Kunal Sarpal

Patent, copyright Lawyer

Shailesh Agarwal

Wealth Management Expert

Nupur Pitte

Anchor Emcee Motivational Speaker, Laughter Therapist, Voice Over Artist

Parimal Khole

Insurance Consultant, Edeilwies Insurance

Premanshu Manghirmilani

Social Media & Branding

Neha Ratnakar

Image Consultant


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