Do we need paper Authentication certificate when digital is present?

No. The whole idea is to get away from the paper based authentication. The JDAT will act as an authentication certificate and so the need of paper authentication will go away. When scanned using a NFC reader or a mobile phone with a NFC reader, all the details of the painting will be accessible.

Will the artist keep getting royalty forever? Even after his death?

Yes, the royalty will be for a period of 100 yrs from the date of registration of the painting. The royalty money will be paid to the same bank account or a legal heir automatically for a period of 100 years from the date of birth of the Artist.

Can the artist earn only selling Jumbish limited edition (JLE) prints and not selling the original?

Absolutely, it’s more important to reach the art collector. Either the original or the limited edition prints selling will bring supporting income for the artist.

Can an artist directly sell without going through Jumbish platform?

Sure… the artist only need to update the ownership changes so the provenance is maintained. Jumbish won’t charge any commission if the entire effort to bring the art buyer is from the artist.

Will the artist get the royalty from resale of Jumbish Limited Editions (JLEs) prints?

Absolutely… For any resale the artist will get a royalty. In reality the probability of the prints getting resold is less and so that should not be the artist expectation too..

How will the art collector track the value appreciation of the art?

For each painting the art collector owns, the current ongoing price of a similar artwork from the same artist in the same genre will be visible on the same page of the artwork. This way there is always an easy approximation from that. Our AI engine will also calculate an estimated value only as a reference.

What is the role of curator, gallery owner, auctioneer?

Each stakeholder in the art industry helps build the synergy in the art world and creates an ecosystem. Each gallery owner, curator and auctioneer struggles to maintain and access the provenance of the artwork in their circle. Providing a digital authentication for all the artists in your circle would provide the artist a value addition. There are different consideration for gallery owners, curators and any person who works with multiple artists should contact us for more details

Who authenticates the painting?

The artist him/herself gives a self declaration for the painting he/she is uploading on our website. For all artists background check are being done. Any artist found faking any art or does misrepresent any fact, they will be barred from the portal. At this point in time only living artists and artworks in the custody of reputed museums and art houses will be part of the scope. For other unknown and unauthenticated artwork, the team is getting ready and will be soon be available!.