Jumbish Digital Authentication Tags (JDAT)

Royalty for painters & Provenance for Collectors​

Technology has resolved many challenges in the world so far. And so it can for the art world too!
Piracy, No Royalty and High Gestation: These are the most common challenges seen in the art world!
And the latest technologies like Blockchain, IOT and AI helps us resolve these challenges.
Our project will bring transparency in the art world!
The process is very simple! But the outcome is brilliant. And it helps both the artist & the art collector!

Jumbish Digital Authentication Tag(JDAT)

The Jumbish Digital Authentication Tag (JDAT), when attached to the back of the painting, will be the sole authentication of the artwork. There won’t be any need of a paper-based authentication certificate which is difficult to manage and often gets lost in the lifetime of the painting.

Using the combination of IoT (Internet of things), Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence), we will be able to solve all the major challenges like

  1. Piracy of paintings
  2. No Royalty for painters
  3. The long gestation period for artists to become financially independent


  • Flexible
  • Strong Glue
  • 128bit Encryption with Private & Public Key
  • Factory Written Unique ID
  • Temperature, Chemical & Moisture Resistant

Latest Technology

Limited Edition Prints

Additionally, the artist would be earning through sale of 10 limited editions prints(for each painting) as well, which will also be authenticated using the same technology. Thereby having more opportunity to earn through the same painting.

JDATs will help artists earn a regular income for their work hence creating a revolutionary change in the art world.

Art collectors get only authenticated paintings from Jumbish!

When there is a resale, Jumbish pays royalty to the artist!

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