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You can create your profile on our art shop (website) and reach the international market. Selected paintings will also be replicated into 10 limited edition prints. All the paintings and prints will be authenticated with JDAT.

Authenticate Your Work

In the art world where piracy or any such illegal acts can happen in no time, your artwork needs to be authenticated. At Jumbish we use a combination of technology such as IoT, AI and Blockchain to overcome the major challenges faced by the artist.

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Royalty for your art

JDAT has been revolutionary in enabling the concept of royalty for artists. Earn your deserving royalty on each resale of your artwork by being a part of this movement.

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Jumbish was started with the aim of helping artists build careers and live a respectable life as an artist. We provide the following services to help artists reach their true potential.
-Building website.
-Social media pages.
-Designing brochures.
-Designing stationary.
-Profile video.
-Removing artist’s block.
The above services act as a catalyst in your art career. Jumbish promotes artists all over the world as our audience is spread across 50+ countries.

Commercial Project

Jumbish is known to produce high quality commissioned artworks. Artists associated with us will be a part of ongoing and future art projects. These projects range from wall painting to restoration to producing larger than life installations/sculptures.

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Brand Association

Artists in Jumbish get opportunities to associate with brands like Tinterotto, Windsor and Newton, Daniel Smith, Fabriano etc. Associations with such brands can bring new heights to your art career.

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Art Entrepreneurship

More than just being good at your craft it’s important for an artist to monetize their work. We at Jumbish provide artists with techniques which are best in the business.

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Artist’s welfare foundation

Jumbish helps you discover and connect with sponsors in the field of art. Our Artist’s welfare foundation focuses on taking care of the needs of our artist so that they spend all their time in developing masterpieces.

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Jumbish conducts periodic events to discover new artists. These events are a platform to be noticed in the art world and get recognition. Our esteemed jury members from around the world guide the participants in the real world of art business.

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