Jumbish Cares, Art Therapy

We are happy to launch our upcoming Talk Show segment as Weekly Wednesday, Jumbish Cares. We are premiering on August 19, World Humanitarian Day, is an international day dedicated to recognize humanitarian personnel and those who have lost their lives working for humanitarian causes (UN).  

We are starting a new video series as “Jumbish Cares”,  that will help the artists to receive their mental stress, emotional stress by talking to professional health practitioners. Along-with them we will be hosting the panel talk. 

Let’s talk about how Art Therapy can help an Individual to overcome his/her stress level. 

Panelist Of The First Episode

Shamim Deshmukh

Sociologist, Veteran Psychologist, 

Art therapist

Pooja Shah

Art Therapist and artist

Kartikey Sharma

 An Artist, Art Entrepreneur  and Cancer Survivor.

Watch First Episode on August 19, 2020 Wednesday at 8:00pm (IST)